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Kooky Stories & Poems

Kooky-Stories is a collection of short stories turned into Pastiche style formatted poems, imitating a style and word count to honor another poet. Click to meet and engage a set of rowdy robbers, a courageous cat and a frantic frog through prose and poem. This blog offers a unique view through prose or poem. These adventures bring to life a fun and kooky way to view the world. While most will be funny and kooky, every once in a while a serious one might appear.

Kooky-Stories is an adventure blog that offers kids 12 to 18 fun and kooky stories to read. Each of the stories uses both the short story format as well as the Pastiche Poem style for a unique and kooky adventure.

These stories will be publicized through Word-Press, Face-book, Twitter and Linked-In using social networking, likes, comments and views as a way to gage the distribution of Kooky-Stories. The story will be available through Word-Press as a blog and PDF through Lulu.com. You-Tube will offer a visual link to the places the stories are available to draw in the You-Tube crowd. Scoop-it offers a transmedia experience for those users who log on to the site to find interesting trends. Kooky Stories will be one of those trends.

Yusef Komunyakaa- Pastiche-

Pastiche, meaning imitation, is a term used to describe an artistic work that imitates the style or format of another work, without plagiarizing. The works must be the creator’s own words, experiences or emotions while following the format or structure of the other work. In the case of Kooky-Stories, the style follows Yusef Komunyakaa’s My Father’s Love Letters in line count and general style. Yusef Komunyakaa used his childhood, his Vietnam war experiences and his travels to find a very unique voice to tell in his poems. He makes the everyday seem extraordinary.

Yusef didn’t start out writing poetry. He discovered his talent while in college when he signed up for a creative writing workshop. From that time, he honed his writing skills into a voice for humanity, for a unique view of what being human meant. He has received several honors, awards and rave reviews over the years.

He learned to express the human experience through the poems he wrote. He has been called a great ‘southern writer’ and offered fellowships as well as prizes and a Chancellorship. The Internet has offered a new way for poets to gain an audience and following. If a poet believes in their work, and self-publishes, does readings, postings and sharing, eventually the work will be noticed. It takes determination and faith in the project to make it as a poet, author or artist.

The best acclaim an artist can receive is the imitation of their work. Not copying, but imitation, so that Yusef has found his way into the Full Sail University Hall of Fame with one of his poems. Students learn from a living master through imitating his work. This is how you succeed. One mind, one instructor, one student at a time. Money is only as good as the paper it is printed on, so the fans of an artist are worth more than money.

Definitions of Pastiche

Definition from The Poetry Archive: A pastiche is a work whose style imitates that of another writer or period. Pastiche differs from parody in that it is usually intended as a kind of tribute rather than a satire. Definition from Dictionary.com 2013: pastiche (noun)

  1. A literary, musical, or artistic piece consisting wholly or chiefly of motifs or techniques borrowed from one or more sources. An incongruous combination of materials, forms, motifs, etc., taken from different sources; hodgepodge.

Definition of Pastiche from PoetrySoup.com 2013:
[n] a work of art that imitates the style of some previous work
[n] a musical composition consisting of a series of songs or other musical pieces from various sources
Literary work composed of material taken from various sources or written in the style of other poets/authors.


Dictionary.com. (2013). Pastiche- define pastiche at dictionary.com. Retrieved from http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/pastiche

PoetrySoup. (2013). Pastiche definition. Retrieved from http://www.poetrysoup.com/definition/Pastiche


Story & Poem Synopsis


When a frog finds himself trapped in a scientist’s office, he sees lots of strange things. A magnifying glass, and a pair of eyes that track him are just the first of many strange things he encounters. Join his adventures to see how it all turns out.


When two bungling robbers enter a bank, the mixed up antics of the robbers and police lead to a hilarious unexpected ending.


When a cat discovers the villagers’ are disappearing, she decides to work the case. Join her in the hunt to save All-Hallows-Eve and bring back her missing pets.


A collection of short stories converted into the Pastiche style formatted poem. Each story and poem is unique in a Kooky Story way.





  • Frog-Utopia

Boys 12 to 14 Rated G Boys hang out on You-tube and face-book, which can be linked to Word-Press.

  • Robbers

Boys 14 to 18 Rated PG You-tube will draw readers to my blog.

  • All-Hallows-Eve

Girls 12 to 14 Rated G Girls use the social networks to talk to each other. Drawing girls together will give my blog a better chance to survive.

  • Spider-Mania

Parents 25 to 30 Rated G Parents who understand fears that create a weird outlook. Most from blog and Club Mom.

  • Time With My Dad

Family, Rated G, Blogs and Facebook, and Club Mom where adults hang out.




Spider-Mania Not in my House!

When mom finds time alone, she discovers she is not as alone as she thought! Find out what is there by reading the poem.

Time With My Dad

A Father’s Day tribute – memories of time spent with my father before he died. A heart-warming example of times that create life-long memories.



Kooky-stories is a blog found at Word-Press that is set up for social networking, comments, sales and views. It is a website set up for e-books, marketing, and sharing that allows a Freelancer to showcase their works. Using Word-Press links social media and other blogs to the main blog. It is also easy to separate out each individual blog for independent submissions.



Kooky-Stories offered as a PDF through Lulu.com will be a bigger draw for readers to engage in realeasing and marketing other materials. Lulu.com has their own readership and following that branches out into sharing.



I found a website that allows for personal information to be posted in one place so all you do is link it into whatever you are creating. I means all my social networks, and websites are in one place.



Scoop-it is a transmedia linking website that offers a unique place to turn Kooky-Stories into a transmedia adventure. Kids and teens frequent this website and should draw in more readers.


Club Mom

Posted the father’s day poem there because they were looking for Father’s Day stories. I also posted my web links and blog there as well. We will see how that place works.


Facebook Likes, Shares, comments 200 Facebook offers a fan page
Twitter Tweets, shares, comments 100 Twitter offers exposure
Linked-In Shares 20 Linked-In offers recommendations
Google Shares 20 Offers click and exposure
You-Tube Shares, likes, views 100 Offers views with shares
Manta Likes, views 100 Business Base


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