I can’t believe this is happening to me. Here I am, just minding my own business, when I see… I see… this oval thing glaring at me. I do not know what it is, but it watches me. I move over to the side and it follows my every move. This is so creepy! How do I get away? What is it? I can feel it breathing.

     I move to the side and extend my legs then jump but I land in a net! I am trapped! Now what can I do? I croak, trying to get help, but nothing works. I feel the land under me shift as I am taken from my home. The trees move so quickly. I feel my body trembling, trying to see what is happening to me. I have water at least.

     We stop and I am placed inside a clear world. I explore the new area cautiously, slowly swimming around the square area, examining the plants, and little homes available. Once I relax I notice there is a little platform for me to sit on. I climb onto it and look around at my new surroundings.

     I see a room, filled with scientific equipment. I see flat, round things, and a tube like structure that is being used by the thing that captured me. It is looking this way again, one huge ball, with bloodlines flowing through it, unblinking, just staring at me. I let out a croak and try to get information. No answering croak. It just continues to stare.

    The lights go out and the thing leaves the room. It has a board in its hand that it uses to write things down on and then it stares at me again. Once the room is quiet, I begin to settle in. I swim around, looking in my home area, watching the vision of another me swimming around, like a double. Another me, I think, as I swim towards it, watching the other me swim closer. What is it? I look and it looks back. I move and it moves. I stick out my tongue and it does the same. I try to lick it, but the thing tastes like cold flies that have died, yuck!

     I swim away and rest in my little pad when I see movement on the outside. What is that? LOOK! It is a black, round, pulsating, blob of mass that was so fixated on me I jumped through the water and landed under the swaying limb of my lily pad. The peeper continued to scrutinize my every move. I could feel my heart beat fluttering as the terror spread through my tiny body. That eye was as big as me! It was unrelenting, pursuing me, watching. I hid.

    The black thing swished its tail, the moved on its legs to get closer to me. It continued to stare, watching, waiting. I tried to figure out what it was. I heard a meow echo through the room and decided to stay where I was … safe, out of its reach, at least for now…


     The ground shook. I woke up, confused, disoriented. There were footsteps followed by people talking about the need to identify ribbits and croaks from outdoor frogs. I woke up from my nightmare just in time to disappear into my lily pad and contemplate those weird things I saw in my dream. What was that black thing that watched me? I hope I never meet one!

© 6232012 Dalene Davies


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