Our Itty-Bitty Pretty One

Our Itty-Bitty Pretty One


Our Itty-Bitty Pretty One

Eighteen years ago, you were born.  Eighteen years
Ago, we didn’t know if a
blocked bowel, jejunal atresia, would take you. Eighteen years ago,
Dr. James Carson resided in Spokane,
saving your life twice that year.
Our little bitty pretty one;
we watched you grow.   Matilda
came out, you sat through the
entire movie.  I remember watching you, your elbows
on the little plastic picnic
table, your chin resting in your
little palms, just enthralled by
this little girl who looked like
you. We taught you to crawl, walk,
then run.  When you
were three you would race through
the house, and shout
when you won.
You were racing yourself.   When you
were six, you were leading your
little brother into
trouble.  When you were nine, we watched
you play the piano.
When you were
sixteen we almost lost you again.
That appendicitis attack was hours
from killing you. We watched the sunset
wondering if you would live.
You made us cry, made us laugh,
made us see life through
your eyes. We love you.
Soon you will graduate, and
move forward with your life. You
will always be our itty-bitty
pretty one. Eighteen years ago, you
graced our life with your precious existence.

© 10242012 Dalene Davies


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