Nothing we can do

Nothing we can do


Nothing We Can Do

There is nothing we can do, they said
to her the night it happened,
it is a He said- she said, no reason to
arrest. There is nothing we can
do, no jury would convict, we
might ruin his reputation, if
this ever got out. There
is nothing we can do, pain
caused by his touch, the threat, real, the
words, deadly, the days pass,
nightmares follow, days are long, feelings
strong. Hate enters her soul,
thoughts flutter and pound, he should
fry for what he did, he should
hurt like she does,
Thoughts roll through her mind. There
is nothing we can
do, no one
cares he stole her mind, her
soul seethed, seeking justice, retribution, and
punishment. He should
die, he should pay, he should fry,
she thought night after
night, the words
flowing through her mind, over taking
her sanity, breathing labored, feeling
increasing her need for justice.  Fear gathered
inside, darkness overwhelming her life.
Depression sets in, thoughts of suicide surface,
I hide the reasons deep
in my heart, fighting insanity.
A year later, a newspaper
article tells a story about a
house fire. There was nothing we
could do; fireman explained, he fried.
Feelings … fear, joy, and relief … I wept.

© 10242012 Dalene Davies


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