Kooky Story and Poem Titles

Kooky Story Poem Article Title

Professional Action Plan-KS (PLAN)

Publish Proposal for Kooky Stories (PROPOSAL)

Create Feature KS (PROJECT)

Audio Poem Report (REPORT)

All-Hallows-Eve (Short Story)

In All-Hallows-Eve (Poem version)

Robbers (Short Story)

Robbers- Off-The-Grid (Poem version)

Frog-Utopia (Short Story)

Frog-Utopia In Nightmare Form (Poem Version)

Sock Monsters Invade Earth (Poem Version)

Time With My Father (Father’s Day Poem)

Spider-Mania Not-in-My-House!  (Poem)

Nothing We Can Do (Poem)

Our Itty-Bitty Pretty One (Poem)

Our Miracle Child, Theda (Poem)


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