Publish Proposal for Kooky Stories

Publish Proposal for Kooky Stories

Publish Proposal for Kooky Stories


Proposal Summary

Logline: Kooky-Stories is a collection of short stories turned into Pastiche style formatted poems. Click to meet a set of rowdy robbers, a courageous cat and a frantic frog through prose and poem.

Kooky-Stories is an adventure blog that offers kids 12 to 18 fun and kooky stories to read. Each of the stories uses both the short story format as well as the Pastiche Poem style for a unique and kooky adventure.

These stories will be publicized through Word-Press,, Book-Rix and using social networking, likes, comments and views as a way to gage the distribution of Kooky-Stories. The story will be available through Word-Press as a blog and PDF through and Book-Rix. You-Tube will offer a visual link to the places the stories are available to draw in the You-Tube crowd. Scoop-it offers a transmedia experience for those users who log on to the site to find interesting trends. Kooky Stories will be one of those trends.


Kooky-Stories is a collection of short stories turned into Pastiche style formatted poems. Click to meet a set of rowdy robbers, a courageous cat and a frantic frog through prose and poem.



When a frog finds himself trapped in a scientist’s office, he sees lots of strange things. A magnifying glass, and a pair of eyes that track him are just the first of many strange things he encounters. Join his adventures to see how it all turns out.


When two bungling robbers enter a bank, the mixed up antics of the robbers and police lead to a hilarious unexpected ending.


When a cat discovers the villagers’ are disappearing, she decides to work the case. Join her in the hunt to save All-Hallows-Eve and bring back her missing pets.


A collection of short stories converted into the Pastiche style formatted poem. Each story and poem is unique in a Kooky Story way.






  • Frog-Utopia

Boys 12 to 14 Rated G Boys hang out on You-tube and face-book, which can be linked to Word-Press.

  • Robbers

Boys 14 to 18 Rated PG You-tube will draw readers to my blog.

  • All-Hallows-Eve

Girls 12 to 14 Rated G Girls use the social networks to talk to each other. Drawing girls together will give my blog a better chance to survive.




Kooky-stories is a blog found at Word-Press that is set up for social networking, comments, sales and views. It is a website set up for e-books, marketing, and sharing that allows a Freelancer to showcase their works. Using Word-Press links social media and other blogs to the main blog. It is also easy to separate out each individual blog for independent submissions.

Kooky-Stories offered as a PDF through will be a bigger draw for readers to engage in realeasing and marketing other materials. has their own readership and following that branches out into sharing.

Book Rix

Kooky Stories Once assembled into PDF can be shared through Book-Rix to gather more followers and more readers. The site allows for exposure among the readers of the site.


Scoop-it is a transmedia linking website that offers a unique place to turn Kooky-Stories into a transmedia adventure. Kids and teens frequent this website and should draw in more readers. is a website that offers free and paid services for freelancers to advertise products. They also offer webinars to users with tips for using social networking to get products noticed.


Facebook Likes, Shares, comments 200 Facebook offers a fan page
Twitter Tweets, shares, comments 100 Twitter offers exposure
Linked-In Shares 20 Linked-In offers recommendations
Google Shares 20 Offers click and exposure
You-Tube Shares, likes, views 100 Offers views with shares
Manta Likes, views 100 Business Base


In All-Hallows-Eve by Dalene Davies June 7, 2013

Thump! Thump! Thump! I heard the beat off
in the distance.  I thought it
was a heart beat!  Then I listened harder and found
it was mine! Running, I tried
hard not to lose my balance.
I was trying to get
away.  Each time I looked
back, I could feel them getting
closer. Breathing hard I tried to get my
body to get into rhyme
with my mind.  It was not
easy.  My brain was running
faster then my body, or at
least that was how it felt.  The
words were getting louder
now.  I could feel the tension
rise up in my middle.
My paws were
aching, the hard ground digging into
the slim covers of my paws.
Each time I
slowed to take a peek, the voices
got closer, closer still.
This isn’t working,
I need a place to hide-
to think.  Where to go? 
Snow lightly fell over the path.  Cold
slowly seeping though my body,
air shifting right in front of me.
I looked to my left,
and then to my right,
the dark woods looked even
darker. Midnight glow of All-Hallows-Eve
upon us, maybe just upon me.
I saw a huge tree with
an open area sitting by the path.




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