Our Miracle Child, Theda


Our Miracle Child, Theda


“We may not be able to save her.
We will not know until we
open her up after you give birth. She has a
jejunal atresia, in layman’s terms, a
blocked bowel. Here, let me show
you what I plan to
do.” Doctor James Carson, a
pediatric neurosurgeon at SHM Hospital, says
to us.  He grabs a scrap of paper
and begins to draw bold
dark lines.  They look like snakes
or perhaps even an old
rusty pipe leading to a round
bowl.  He slices off a section with
the pen, making it
darker to simulate a cut off
point, like a blockage
in the pipe,
and then shows another section where
he would cut out then sew
the two ends
together. I sit there stunned. How can
this be?  This is
not possible!  I
am not hearing this, nor do
I want to hear any
more.  My fingers feel like ice, cold,
frozen, numbed stubs, held tight
against my thighs.  My mind shudders with
confusion and fear, gripping my
usual upbeat, happy mind into
frantic oozing dripping frightened thoughts.
My hands shake uncontrollably, heart beat
thumping in my chest, my breathing
ragged and uneven. Three months later,
Dr. Carson performed a miracle for us. 

© 10242012 Dalene Davies


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