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      Thump! Thump! Thump! I heard the beat off in the distance.  I thought it was a heartbeat!  Then I listened harder and found it was mine!

     Running, I tried hard not to lose my balance.  I was trying to get away.  Each time I looked back, I could feel them getting closer. Breathing hard I tried to get my body to get into rhyme with my mind.  It was not easy.  My brain was running faster than my body, or at least that was how it felt.  The words were getting louder now.  I could feel the tension rise up in my middle.  My paws were aching, the hard ground digging into the slim covers of my paws.  Each time I slowed to take a peek, the voices got closer.

     This is not working, I thought, I need a place to hide and to think.  Where can I go?  Who can I turn to?

     Snow lightly fell over the path.  The cold was slowly seeping through my body.  I could see the air shift in front of me.  I looked to my left, then to my right, the dark woods looked even blacker than usual.  The midnight glow of All-Hallows-Eve was upon it or maybe just upon me.  I saw a huge tree with an open sitting area by the path.  I darted in, pulling my tail in quick and curling up inside the dark, damp, hole, quietly stilling my breathing, trying to control the shudders that rolled through me.

      I am a black cat named Smokey.  I love kids, and adore my pets.  That was how it used to be, anyhow.  I tried to think back. When did it start?  Yesterday or was it the day before?  What day is it?  Oh it must have been three days ago.  I shuddered, thinking back.

     I stop thinking long enough to listen.  The branches were being kicked aside further away from me now.  I uncurled my tail and began licking my wet fur.  It had a calming effect on me.  What is it I am trying to remember?  I still feel confused.  I thought back to three days ago and realize my pets have vanished!  The entire village is looking for them as well as me.  How did this happen?

     My ears perk as I hear the underbrush of the bushes sway and a low growl emits from 20 feet away.  I feel my eyes widen in fear as I see a huge dog appear.  I swish my tail and bare my teeth, then take off towards town.  The glowing hound gets a sniff of me and I run faster than the fastest and tumble to the ground. 

     I feel my heart thudding, thudding, faster in my body, my breathing changes and I run trying to find a place to hide.  No time to think, I run on and on, and find a church with its doors open wide.  I dash into the door, then deep within.  I suddenly remember the bag. What had I unleashed?  What had I done?  Opened a door to hell to let the soul catcher abound?  I wandered through the church, searching for an answer.  Could I find a way to break the spell or was I doomed to run forever?  What happens if it catches me? I shiver at the thought.  I must think, I tell myself.  I must force myself to find the answer. 



     I woke with a meow, shattering the night, to find my pets around me, the fire warm.  Then I looked around and saw the dead mouse thing beside me.   


 © 10242011 Dalene Davies


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