Professional Action Plan



My PAP Summary

The following are the major points to my career and where it is going professionally. I have created and worked with PayPal for many years. I did not know until this week that Word-Press had a direct connection to PayPal. Using a blog to connect to a storefront would allow greater options to add to my business.     When one considers that the Internet has made a huge impact on the Entertainment Industry through opening door to the freelancer, it seems that it would be easier to run a business these days. The Internet has opened avenues for small business, freelancers, authors and even scriptwriters to produce, offer, create and even sell their works. Taking advantage of such things would include,, Word-Press, Online Copyright Office and Vista-Print. All these opportunities combine to give a freelancer a shot at making it in this economy. Using the vast number of networking sites increases the likelihood that the freelancer can make a name for himself or herself. Using sites like and the freelancer’s union directory offer ways to get information out. Facebook, twitter and linked-in give detailed profiles for the freelancer to find others who are also in in arts field.

By using all the above, I have included in my five-year plan the links to Scriptwriter University as a way to further my education and gain even more experience as a scriptwriter. Using the life-plan workbook to work out a detailed plan of action for myself. This combined with the webinars and books I plan to utilize will allow me to create a small niche for myself. I feel that the children’s industry market will need new ideas to keep up with the next generation. Transmedia projects and video games geared to the next generation will allow children to learn quicker and I intend to be a part of that trend. Choose Your Own Adventures, and e-books are going to become a part of the next generation. Animation and video games will be following these trends. I want to save the world one project at a time and the Internet plus new technologies will allow me to do just that.

Career Development


Word-Press Blog Summary

Word-press offers a new and improved blog site that can be created in just minutes. The below photos show just how easy it is to create a blog. This is a brand new blog created in just a few minutes. The features can be combined with stores, pay-pal buttons, fundraisers, social media to increase awarness and a wonderful full theme settings to help with the website. The main idea for this Kooky Stories blog will be to do fun short stories to entertain those who click on it. It will use the book formatting and other educational e-books to make a profit.

Steps to create a blog:

  1. Select the blog you wish to create
  1. Fill out the required information
  2. Step three activate your email and log into your blog
  1. Upload a picture and set up setting
  1. Decide on your theme or blog story line.
  2. Open a pay-pal account to allow selling or donating to your blog.
  3. Use of the pay-pal buttons set up payment plans. Begin work on the day-to-day business of blogging to make money. Sell products, or services on your blog. Books, and e-books work well with a Donate Button or do a Fundraiser to support a cause.


Word-Press Blog

Word-press allows the freelancer many choices to do business and educate the public at the same time. The blogs work will together with pay-pal and e-books. Products can be added as well and the website allows for social media networking that increase the value as well as profit for the freelancer. Word-press offers detailed instructions to add pay-pal buttons as well as a formatting for a book that is unique to Word-press.


The best features are the e-store, pay-pal, traffic and video options for the blog. You can also add more pages and social links with polls, face-book likes, ratings, sharing, twitter and tagging. Each feature adds more options for the blogger to increase traffic to the blog or website. 





Prices Features
Free Free Word-press address, Basic, No video, 3GB space, Community Support
Premium $99 Domain, Advanced, Stores videos, 13 GB Space, Direct email support
Business $299 Domain, Advanced, 50 themes, unlimited videos, unlimited space and chat support
Domain $18 Blog domain name

Heading 4

  • Paypal

Links to button created for selling

  • Social Networking

Allows Facebook, and Twitter links.

  • Offers a book format

No other blog offers this

  • Store links cost money

To use the store option, the paid version must be used.

Word-Press and Pay-pal





PERSONAL NOTE: This blog will be filled with books using the Book Formating found on Word-press. This will create a little nitche in the blog-world and thus allow me to make money using this blog. Using paypal and the book format create a fun and unique way to make money, plus I can use the How to Write and Sell Simple Information for Fun and Profit by Robert Bly.

Self Promotion

Promotional Connections

The creator who uses the tools available to promote and educate will be the one who understands the need to combine internet tools with physical promotions to increase their business. Websites like Doodlekit and Vistaprint give creators a edge up in the business world. When websites, business cards and promotional material all link back to the same items and increase knowledge with the public; that is when success meets increased sales. Combining the website with social networking capabilities offers a greater range of options for the creator to interact with those who read and enjoy the books created. Society is in greater need for books, e-books and websites that combine education with fun to educate the next generation. The necessary inclusion of materials that link society to those creations will capture the loyality and respect of the public. As more websites link creator to fan, the connections to humanity will be more necessary to maintain adaquate expose to keep the sales up. Self-promotion and control over the creation of the website will allow for a greater involvemnent with the public.



Vistaprint offers a variety of options for the creator to use to self promote their works. The first offer is the business cards that come in three different types. The second is the website and the third are the products that match and promote both your website and business cards while drawing customers to your business. The costs for each of these promotions are offset by the continuity of structure offered by keeping the items uniform in structure. The use of one company also consolidates the billing for the creator to keep expenses at a minimal usage.


Business Cards

Business cards purchased through Vistaprint come in three types. The types are listed as Free, Personal, and Premium. Each style has unique styles so it comes down to personal choice. The free version offers 250 cards. They are basic cards with the Vistaprint logo on the back. For an additional fee a logo can be added to the front card. Shipping is charged separate. The next level is personal. These cards cost $5.99 for 25 cards but offer the logo of your choice and a blank backside for free. This style gives the creator an online business card for $3.99. The best offer is the premium style. This type allows for 250 cards for $19.99. Uploading a logo is $4.99 but well worth the cost to eliminate the back logo. The online business card is also $3.99. All orders charge shipping and handling.





Vistaprint offers many choses for the website for the creator. The first style is the basic website. The cost for this is $4.99 a month. It offers a blog, one email, unlimited bandwidth and page counts as well as image galleries. The web address combines with the. label. The Standard website runs at $14.99 a month and offers a few more choses for the creator. This selection removes the Vistaprint branding, offers a unique domain name, and submission to search engines. This one also offers a mobile website. The Premium website is the best. This site runs $24.99 a month, offers a shopping cart feature, and builds a Facebook Page Builder. All three give a month free at set up and thus allow for time to build a client list to see if this is right for the creator.

Cost Best Feature
Basic $4.99 Cheap startup
Standard $14.99 Mobile Website
Premium $24.99 Shopping Cart
Trail Period One month free Setup time for business


  • Cards match website.
  • Prices reasonable
  • Upload available for logo
  • if website address changes, creator must order new cards.


Vistaprint offers branding products such as pens, stationary, postcards, labels, envelopes, announcements, t-shirts, bags, rubber stamps, mugs, posters, checks and many other much needed items to promote the creators business. All items match business cards and website so everything is in agreement. One stop shopping!

Cost Features Pros Cons Reasons Info
Vista- Print Card
  • Free 250 cards
  • Personal 25 $6
  • Premium 250 $19.99 plus
    Web card $3.99
They work.
Upload incl.
Blank backside.
Upload incl.
Blank back for special notes.
Plus ship.
Fewer cards.
Charge for upload.
Premium offers an online business card. Link to web, email, business name and blog.
Vista-Print Web
  • Basic $4.99
  • Standard $14.99
  • Premium $24.99

All three offer first month free and matching cards.

Blog, 1 email Branding rem Shopping Cart & Facebook page builder Cheap Offers more What I need Cheap.
Not enough.
$25 a month is expensive but could be worth it.
Premium site offers all the features I need available in one spot. Advertise books & eBooks.
Use social media.
Create own branding.
  • Free
  • Business
Space Works for portfolio samples Samples
  • Free
  • Paid
Reg. Number
Cost for Editor and complete package Control over price and work, plus it is up to me. Book
Options is a storage, and collaboration site. The purpose is to allow people to collaborate on works in progress and make the sharing easy and afforable. This site is great for protecting portfiolio pieces. This website has both options for free and paid styles. The free works best if you have under 5 GB. It saves time, space, and the need to pay for a website with a creator’s portfiolo. Comments, discussion and revisions can be made right in the Box site. For prices for the paid sections, a phone call is necessary. offers a higher level of security and firewall protection for those pieces in progress. This gives a great piece of mind for the creators who use this site.






Firewall is a self-publishing book site. It offers choice, freedom, control and protection to the creator who is looking for a place to set up shop. offers both free and paid services. Free services protect the books through a site registration number that works the same as an ISBN. The site offers several different formats a creator can pick from and gives options to promotions along with coupons. The prices for the creator are in their hands. Options to publish are books, e-books, photo books and calendars. Lulu also offers a professional consultant section if the creator wants more help with publishing, editing and promotions. Prices for the book range from free to 99 cents for e-books to whatever price the creator sets up on the other products. The revenue split for Lulu is 80/20 for books and a 90/10 split with e-books. It is a great way to publish and make contacts. The forums on Lulu are easy to navigate and questions are answered in a timely fashion.

Writer Website

Most creators have a favorite author or scriptwriter they fashion their work or website after. Vince Flynn has a professional website that includes links for his books, for fans, monthly newsletters, news, about, and charities. The links are visible, the pages are clear, and the fans are important to the success of this website as much as they are to keeping Vince Flynn on the top of the charts. Vince Flynn also has a charities page; this idea really hits home. When the voice of the fans and the support of charities work together, magical things can happen and so this leads into the transmedia type of website that would work on the Internet.


Creating a transmedia website designed for the Sock Monsters and Brownies to live and interact has taken a bit of work. The website had to be kid-friendly, have a blog available, use links to allow for a doodle or two and open up a new world for children to explore. offers everything that the Sock Monsters and Brownies need to thrive and grow. The Doodle-a-story website offers the doodle link from the blog page where children can doodle and write about their own personal experiences. The main links take the children to the Choose Your Own Adventure e-book and to the Lulu spotlight bookstore for more options to learn more about Sock Monsters and their invasion of Earth. The ultimate goal is to have fun educating children about the Sock Monster and Brownie world and allow them to write for themselves.


Industry Tracking

News in the Industry

Filmmaker Magazine. (2012). The magazine of independent film . Retrieved from

(Filmmaker Magazine, 2012)   1 year $18, 2 years $30 Print versions Digital $10 Free Newsletter – covers movies, news, fiction, festivals and events. I choose this because the Transmedia articles were interesting.

Econtent. (1998-2013). Econtent. Retrieved from
(Econtent, 1998-2013) Free for US residents – Business, Brand marketing, screenplays, interviews, online publishing and media. I choose this magazine because it covers digital products and business news.

Transmedia 101. (2012). Transmedia 101 news. Retrieved from

(Transmedia 101, 2012) e-mail free to sign up – This publication covers Transmedia projects, games, alternate reality games, fiction, film, media. I choose this for the title.

Jabar, C. (2012). Scoop it- transmedia 4 kids. Retrieved from

( Jabar, 2012) Twitter- interesting articles about kids Transmedia – Free—I choose this because it publishes ideas for kids and the current Transmedia trends.


Legal Protections


Creators Copyright Options

Today’s creator needs to beware of the legal business of copyright and protection for their own works. Many creators believe they do not need to protect their work through a service or copyright office. They believe that having written the book, it will be protected. Once a book is complete, it is legally copyrighted, but if it were a court of law, they would need more proof. This is where the services or copyright agencies take up the cause. If the work has been uploaded and protected by any approved office that legally works as the registration and copyright service, the creator now has tangible written proof of date and time the project was protected. The use of the eCo Online System costs $35 to copyright the completed work in digital format. This protection usually lasts the creator’s lifetime plus seventy years. This is a better system for a copyright: both in price and duration of protection. The countdown begins with the most expensive service working towards the best service.


1 Free ID#/ ISBN: extended Reach-FreeGlobal Reach $75 Marketing w$/ sell on Lulu Upload/ format offersProtection and sales
2 Creators Vault Reg. $20/5y $25/7y   $30/10y Per project Upload project/ draftsOffers third party proof
3 IP Rights Reg. $45/4y $80/8y $110/12y $125/15y Online protection Original creative work electronic format
4 My OWS Reg. Free/ 3OWS Freelance/9OWS- $5MPro/ 24OWS- $9M Pro+/ 100OWS-$24M Certificate withDate/time stamp Digital file upload



Comparative Summary

Looking at the breakdown for each company, it appears that wins in long run. Lulu offers free IDs that protect the creator and still makes marketing possible. The creator can purchase distribution packages with the ISBN to sell on a global level. The ID number protects the creator just like the registration companies do. The Creators Vault offers protection per project. The costs vary per year choice. Protection can be extended to almost any digital product. The certificate offers third party proof of creation date. The third service is the IP Rights company. Their registration is set up per year choice per product and they charge a bit more for their protection. My-OWS offers date and time stamp certificates for the creator to use for most digital projects.

Lulu offers all creators the chance to run their own publishing business. They offer professional editing packages, marketing packages, ISBN and Identification numbers to give the creator the full range of help and marketing choices to increase sales. The registration and copyright source happen within the uploading process. Each book, e-book, calendar, or photo-album uses an ID number to allow the creator to publish and distribute his or her work. A creator can actually use this service to protect a work by uploading it but keeping it private. This would be invaluable for game treatments or even scripts. The ID number and date along with time appear on the projects page.

Services is a self-publishing website dedicated to authors who wish to control their projects. They offer a full range of options. The creator can choose to publish with an ID number and market for themselves. [Image1] They can purchase an ISBN with a distribution package.


The creator of a work finishes the project, uploads and designs the cover, title page, copyright page, sets price, and decides the best way to promote the project. Free ID, ISBN with distribution packages and finally sets the royalty price.

[Image 1]


Lulu Prices

  • Free ID

ID and marketing within the Lulu marketplace

  • ISBN with Extended package


  • ISBN with Global Package


  • Editor package

$999 to $3199



Networking Summary
FREELANCERS need to have secure, fun, and educational place to meet and talk about their career options. Each of these sites offer a unique way to get the freelancers work skills and abilities out to those who need it. offers portfolio showcases and employment opportunities by allowing both freelancers and employers to seek and meet each other. There are several profile choices available. Job acceptence is up to the users to work out. Freelancers Union Directory offers a profile directory in the form of yellow page listings that allow for employers to seek out freelancers to fulfill their employment needs. Linked-In is a networking website designed to link business with people. It offers groups, resume works and portfolio examples to create an online networking site that generates community spirit. The last group is a meeting place located in Spokane Washinton that offers a meeting place for Science Fiction writers to discuss current events in the Science Fiction community. In summary, the freelancer needs other people who think like they do to grow and create community through profiles, information and opportunities that make a better world available to everyone. All of these networking sites are free to join but paid gives more benefits. Time commitments depend upon the quality of the profiles and showcased work the freelancer wishes to commit to getting the job.
Personal Note: All four of these websites now have me as a member. I have set up profiles for, Freelancers Union Directory, and Linked-In. Offers for employment have come from and even Linked-In; Freelancers Union Directory is new so only time will tell if that works. I would like to check out the Science Fiction group just to see who shows up.

What is is a networking group set up for freelancers to showcase their work and receive job offers through the Internet. It has several levels available to the freelancer to participate within the organization. Job offers come through e-mail and the freelancer can apply for the job. There is no time commitment except for how long it takes to fill in the profile and upload samples.

Mission Statement: Freelancers–Create an awesome portfolio to showcase your talent. Rub elbows with the web’s most talented freelancers. Earn money doing what you love to do. Employers— Post your freelance job in just 30 seconds. It’s free! Instant access to the web’s most talented freelancers. Hire an unlimited number of freelancers.

Price Levels


Bullet Points

  • Free

2 or 3 leads a month

  • Networking

2 Directories

  • Job Offers

Showcase work

  • Better offers Premium

Need premium service for exclusive jobs.

Freelancers Union Directory

Freelancers Union offers a directory for the freelancer to use to network with other freelancers and employers. The Union is free to join, but the medical and insurance benefits cost money. Using this service offers a great way to meet others. They even have events listed to create a community of freelancers. The directory allows the user to list websites, skills, and a profile to list contact information and the directory is free when the freelancer joins the Union. Use the directory to apply for gigs. The service itself is free and available to the self-employed, freelancer, and contractor.

Mission Statement: Freelancers Union believes all workers should have the freedom to build meaningful, connected, and independent lives – backed by a system of mutual and public support.



Spokane SFF book writer’s meet-up

Spokane Washington now has a Science Fiction and Fantasy Group. It is free to join and allows the writer to meet other writers to share information and discuss stories the writers are working on. It could be a great way to network and meet others. It is the only place listed for Spokane at this time.

Mission Statement: For people of like minds to meet in a relaxed manner and discuss Science Fiction and all it entails.
MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of LinkedIn for Good is to connect the talent and skills of our employees and members with opportunities to make a positive impact on the world. The Volunteer Experience and Causes section on your profile and the LinkedIn Board Member Connect program are examples that bring the mission to life. We’ll continue to identify additional ways to leverage LinkedIn for social impact.

Meet and Greet Statements

  1. Genres of movies, games or comics you enjoy
    I love Science Fiction, Mystery, and Suspense films.
  2. Media trends that you’re interested in
    I am interested in website designs and trends within the Internet world of publishing; e-books, and transmedia projects are the most interesting to me.
  3. Family
    I have four children I have home-schooled from birth and I have been married over 21 years to the same man- the father of my children.
  4. Education
    I have an AA Degree from Spokane Falls and received my BA from Full-Sail University Online.
  5. Sports
    I follow the Spokane Indians and Seattle Mariners during baseball season.
  6. Hobbies
    Reading, writing, music, movies and taking walks are some of my hobbies.
  7. Travel/favorite city
    When I was three to six, I travelled to Taiwan where I got to experience my first earthquake.
  8. Secret talents
    I write poetry.
  9. Worst job experience
    I worked for Rosauers Supermarkets as a Courtesy Clerk; I was fired because a customer refused to let me pick up a 50-pound bag of dog food and then he complained I wasn’t doing my job!

Five-Year Plan

Five-Year Summary

The next five years are going to be busy. It will be a time of growth and success as well as a time to reflect on the past. I will be looking at these years at Full-Sail as a time of learning. During the next five years I will be working my way out of one job and working my way into another. My B.A. will ensure that my plans for my future will be secure and I will create a name and place for myself through the determination I have to make it. Within the next five years, I will finished my KookyStory Blog, added a few books to my collection, finished my CYOA and Skills Test. I will have written 3 more novels and 3 complete scripts plus attended the webinar that I have been drooling over. Further, within the next five years, I will have officially graduated, my daughters’ will be graduating and my son will be almost finished with High School. This will leave one child to educate and I will be done with homeschooling. Producing my first video game and finishing a couple of Transmedia projects along the way, will add to my list of accomplishments. Finally, at the end of five years, my goals are to move, set up a foundation, made the best-sellers list and attend Scriptwriters University. My goals are simple, to the point and will allow me to set my own hours.


One Month

At the One Month Mark I plan to have accomplished a bit of my-time. I plan to have set up a daily routine for just writing. I will need to donate some time to the Home-school education plus a few hours for study for my Skills Test. The following graphs and pictures show the breakdown for the next month.

Continuing Education

I have two continuing education projects. The first is the Life Plan Workbook and the second is the How to Write and Sell Simple Information for Fun and Profit. The Life Plan Workbook would allow me to plan my life better and the How to Write book would allow me to create my blog with fun and informative information. Both of these are part of my one-month plan.

About the Authors

The Life Plan Workbook was written by the Mind Tools Team to help people find their dreams and make plans for reaching them. It is a PDF download for $27. We read an article by this team for this very project. The link is in the citations section. Requirements are commitment on my part to follow through with the workbook. The second book is through the Writers Store. It is the How to Write book written by Robert Bly. It is a physical book for $14 and works well with my blog theme. The link is also in the citations. Robert Bly is a copywriter and consultant with over 25 years experience in business, direct marketing and sales. Reading and following the plan make the commitment and requirements up to me. Both books would make my life better.


Pro & Con

  • commitment is up to me

I have to decide this is what I want

  • Could learn better skills

Only works if I follow through on this

  • Could make money from this

Could earn a lot of money by doing this

  • They Cost Money

Both cost money.




Six Months

My six months plan is to complete and publish 3 e-book novels and 3 completer scripts. That averages to one a month along with my classes. I should be able to it with planning and determination.

Continuing Education

My next major project to get involved in is the Webinar What Makes a Great Scene. This webinar is more expensive so the goal is to get through it within six months. I have attended the free Webinars and have no doubt this one will offer some great insights. Erin Bork has written on staff for five different companies and is a Golden-Globe Winner. I feel this webinar could propel my writing to the next level. The commitment is on me. Money and time is all I need to further my education.


One Month
Six Months
One year
Five Years
Financial Aid 3 Scripts Graduated! Buy Land & Double Wide
Next class 3 Novels Kids Graduated Sock Monster Foundation
Skills Test On-Demand Transmedia Projects Worked my way out of Home-school Job!
CYOA Produced Video Game Best Sellers List
KookyStory Masters?
Workbook & How to Screenwriters University


One Year

At the one year mark, I will have graduated with my Creative Writing for Entertainment BA and be in the position to celebrate both my daughters’ graduations and getting ready to celebrate my sons graduation from high school. This leaves just one child to officially graduate and I will have worked my way out of a job. At the end of this year mark, I want to have my first Video Game in production and to have finished the two or three Transmedia projects I have in the works.

Five Years

Five Year Mark:

At the end of five years, I want to be completely moved out of this park and into a double wide on land of our own. I also will have this single wide set up for my husband to use as an art studio.

At the end of five years, I intend to be on the Best-Sellers List for not only one but three of my books.

At the end of five years, I intend to have stated my Sock Monsters Foundation for kids. This organization will give away Sock Monster Books to kids in Hospitials with life threatening diseases. My Foundation would hire people to help at a Living Wage plus medical and make sure every employee has a roof over their head and enough food to sustain life.

At the end of five years, I will either have my Masters or be involved with Scriptwriters University.I will be paying for this myself and will have paid off all my debts before starting this venture.

I have no plans to relocate to any place except land in Chattaroy. I have no desire to leave the Spokane area except to places I may be required to visit in regards to my business. At that point, I shall stay in a hotel, as I will be able to afford it. Spokane has its own movie studio and I will be making use of it.



Citations Career Development:

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Citations- Protection

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Citations Next Steps

Mind Tools Team. (2009-2013). Life plan workbook. Retrieved from

Bly, R. (2010, September 01). How to write and sell simple information for fun and profit. Retrieved from

Bork, E. (2013, January 22). What makes a great scene. Retrieved from


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