Spider-Mania Not In My House!


Spider-Mania Not-In-My-House!


Spiders! Apple’s dictionary defines a spider as, an
eight-legged predatory arachnid. Not me!
I personally define spiders as an unwanted intrusion found inside
my house. One day I was
home alone, a rare occurrence for
a homeschool mom.  I was
getting my wood stove ready
for a friend in-need; we didn’t
ever use it, I knew it would be
used. I reached down with
unsuspecting fingers, in the dark hollow
space, beside the wood-stove, when
a slimy set of legs reached
me. Well, needless to say, the scream
that filled the house,
outside our house, and down the
street was actually, me.
I jumped back,
pulled myself away and eventually got
my breathing under control.  I ran
for the laundry-room,
grabbed the Raid and proceeded to spray
the spider.  After ten-minutes,
when my heart-beat
returned to normal, the sweat evaporated,
and my breathing settled down,
I cautiously advanced toward the offending wood-stove. I
gripped a tattered tissue firmly
in-hand to remove the offending creature. I
flashed my flashlight into the
dark hole, shuddering and slowly
reached tentatively down to grab …



a rubber covered 3-inch 8-legged toy!
I cracked-up!  Tossing it into the
sink, I waited for the next
unsuspecting child, to scream, when washing the dishes.

© 62013 Dalene Davies


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